Coastline Management LLC is pleased to offer our services to your homeowners’ association as your property manager.  We understand the need to have a working and functioning organization to guide your association.  We have experience and knowledge of all the different aspects of managing a condominium or property homeowners’ association, and we recognize the vast problems you might encounter without the benefit of a professionally run association.  With our leadership, experience and common goals, we are uniquely positioned to be successful in bringing your association to its full potential.

Administrative Association Duties

  • Maintain, update and keep current owner/association records
  • Provide all needed information to real estate and insurance agents
  • Complete all HUD forms for banks and mortgage companies
  • Review and enforce all current contracts
  • On-site inspections of facility and reports to board
  • Handle all correspondence to board members and owners
  • Review your insurance needs and policies – bid out services for a more competitive price
  • Prepare a suggested annual operating budget for board/owner approval
  • Attend board meetings and prepare minutes
  • Prepare notices and all documents for meetings

Financial Services

  • Invoice association fees
  • Collect monthly and special assessments
  • Record and deposit all receipts
  • Notify all delinquent accounts holders
  • Pay all association invoices and maintain detailed records