Our Services

Coastline Management LLC is pleased to offer our services to your Homeowners’ Association as your Association Manager.  We understand the need to have a working and functioning organization to guide your Association.  We have experience and knowledge of all the different aspects of managing a condominium or property homeowners’ association, and we recognize the vast problems you might encounter without the benefit of a professionally run Association.  With our leadership, experience and common goals, we are uniquely positioned to be successful in bringing your association to its full potential.

Your Association Manager is your key resource at Coastline for ensuring your Association’s success.

Duties of your Association Manager

Your Manager will provide the general administrative and community service management for the Association. The Manager will operate under the direction of the management of Coastline and the Board to ensure proper operational management and maintenance, and to promote a meaningful Board/Resident/Manager relationship.

  • Maintain Association Files – The Manager shall collect, organize and maintain complete files of all legal documents, correspondence, rules, site plans, blueprints and any other pertinent items. The files will be open for owner inspection as scheduled, along with supervision.
  • Assist with Communications
  • Resolve Owner Problems
  • Perform Regular Property Inspections
  • Provide Assistance to Board of Directors
  • Co-ordinate General Membership Meeting
  • Financial Management Services
    • Annual Budgeting
    • Financial Statements
    • Year-end Statements
    • Collect Association Monies
    • Invoicing Approval
  • Contractual and Physical Administration – The Manager will oversee all janitorial, maintenance and security needs of the common areas.
    Access to Owners Units in Emergencies
  • The manager will coordinate all preparations for emergencies and storms
  • Service Contracting & Monitoring Contractor Performances
  • Crisis Management – Coastline Management and the Manager will employ a larger than normal staff to handle contingencies such as storms, hurricanes, flooding and other perils that may occur. Doing so shall be made only with the prior approval of a Board officer (President, Vice-President, or Treasurer), except in the cases of emergency, which require prompt action to avoid further loss.

Bookkeeping Services

The Coastline bookkeeping department handles all Association financial issues.  They work closely with the Association Managers to make sure that all transactions are within budget and approved for payment.  No invoice is paid without the Manger’s approval.   All invoices are approved by the Manager, turned over to the assigned bookkeeper who prints the payment, then the check is signed by the Operating Officer.  At least three individuals handle each transaction to ensure that proper procedures are followed each time.  As an addition layer of protection, the Board Members are given access to review the day’s work using QuickBooks Online.  All transactions and reports can be viewed 24 hours a day.  This way, Boards are current on all transactions and accounts instead of waiting 15-20 days after the end of the month.

Web Portal

We have found an extremely valuable tool in providing our Associations an owner’s portal.  Owners can go online to Coastline’s website client login and enter their association’s portal for much-needed information.

The portal has two sides:  one for the public to use, and one is strictly private for the owners’ use.

The public side offers:

  • the associations documents for viewing, downloading, or just printing.
  • guests can obtain directions to the property using the google map.
  • one added feature that is widely used is the Guest Registration Certificates ordering system.  Owners who rent their units can order the passes and have them applied to their account and mailed out in a timely fashion.  Rental companies can order them ahead of time and pay when they pick them up.

On the owner’s side you have:

  • the home page & welcome letter
  • current financials (P&L’s, budgets, balance sheets, etc.)
  • announcements (pool closed under repair, etc.)
  • a section for all the needed forms
  • Board approved minutes
  • a work order section (If owner sees something broken or in need of repair, they can enter it and see progress on the repairs.)
  • complete owners directory
  • discussion forums (optional)
  • resource bookings (optional)

… and many more items for the owner’s use.